How to Connect OpenSea and MetaMask Summary of Causes and Countermeasures When you can’t Do that

If you became interested in NFT art when you saw the work at OpenSea and would you like to purchase it and own it? If you own it, you can expect it to increase in value in the future. If you have a piece of NFT art, you may want to purchase it and own it.

To do so, you first need to prepare. You have purchased ETH on a domestic crypto asset exchange, but do not know how to purchase the piece on OpenSea after that.

To purchase on OpenSea, you need to download a software wallet called MetaMask and incorporate your own wallet on your PC or smartphone.

This article explains the initial setup of MetaMask, which is essential for handling NFTs, how to connect to it, and what to do in case of connection failure due to errors.

3 Steps to Connect OpenSea and MetaMask

First, download MetaMask to your own PC.

1. Add MetaMask to Google Chrome Extension

MetaMask can be downloaded from here.

MetaMask is a PC wallet, so we recommend using Google Chrome. This is because it can be smoothly connected to another wallet later on. Please incorporate it into your PC extensions.

2. Set up MetaMask

After downloading, you will see 12 words in the initial registration. This is what is known as the secret key.

The mosaic is shown, but there are actually 12 phrases in a row. Please keep a note and screenshot of the phrases in order so that you do not forget them. Once you have made a note, click “Next”.

You will also need a password. Please keep this in a safe place so that you do not forget it. You will need it to restore your account.

(If you forget it, you may not be able to withdraw your funds.)

The 12 words that make up the Secret Recovery Phrase will appear in pieces. Click on them in the correct order, referring to the note you made earlier.

Copy the MetaMask address and paste it into a memo or Excel file for convenience when transferring funds.

Once you have opened MetaMask, transfer the Ethereum (ETH) you purchased on a Japanese crypto exchange. The destination will be your MetaMask wallet address.

Failure to transfer funds to MetaMask may result in loss of funds. Please copy and paste the address and check it several times before sending money. The safest method is to send a small amount at first, and then send the remaining amount once you have confirmed that the money has been received.

3. Connect to MetaMask from “My Account Settings” in OpenSea

First, access OpenSea. Once logged in, click on the person symbol in the upper right corner and open “Settings”.

You will be prompted to select a wallet.

MetaMask will then launch and ask you to “Request Signature”.

Enter your username and your email address for registration.

You will receive an email from OpenSea to your registered email address. Click on “VERIFY MY EMAIL” to complete your OpenSea authentication.

Once your registration is complete, you will only need to enter your password to connect OpenSea and MetaMask.

Can’t log into MetaMask on OpenSea?

It rarely happens that you are able to register an account with OpenSea, but when you connect to MetaMask, you are unable to log in. We will tell you what to do in that case.

Log in to GoogleChrome

Open GoogleChrome on your PC, type MetaMask and search for it.

Remove MetaMask from Google Chrome extensions

Search for MetaMask and open the Google Chrome Web Store where you first downloaded it. When you open it, you will see “Remove from Chrome”, click on it and it will be uninstalled.

Please be careful at this point and make sure that you still have the 12 word notes that you obtained when you first installed the application. There is a risk of deleting the application and losing the assets in MetaMask. Please be cautious.

Add MetaMask to the extension again

Search for MetaMask again from GoogleChrome and download it from the Chrome Web Store.

Reconnect OpenSea and MetaMask

Once MetaMask has been downloaded, please access OpenSea again from GoogleChrome and connect to MetaMask from “Wallet” in the upper right corner of OpenSea, and if the account was used before deletion, it has been restored.

Other Reasons Why OpenSea and MetaMask do not Connect and What to do About it

When OpenSea and MetaMask fail to connect, there is a definite reason. We will tell you what the causes are and what to do about them.

The reason: Many are Choosing the Wrong Network

When you download MetaMask, by default it trades on the ETH network (ERC20) because NFT itself is a technology derived from ETH.

However, exchanges other than OpenSea use a different network, so if you make a wrong network connection, you will get an error.

Specifically, this occurs if you connect to PancakeSwap or Uniswap and then connect to OpenSea.

Solution: Select the correct network

If OpenSea is unable to connect properly, please select the network specified in MetaMask. Currently, the only networks used for OpenSea transactions are the ETH network (ERC20) or MaticNetwork (Polygon). Please set up the network that suits you best.

As for other networks, PancakeSwap is on the “Binance Network” (BSC) and Uniswap is on the ETH network.

Stepn, which is currently being talked about on Move to Earn, is a combination of the Solana chain and the Binance Network (BSC), although it does not go through MetaMask. Different networks can lead to asset freezes and self-goxing, so caution is advised.

The same method works if your virtual currency or tokens aren’t showing up correctly!

If the ETH or other currency you owned on MetaMask does not show up correctly, you should still specify the network specified by the exchange or market.

If it does not show up, select the network specified by the exchange and shut down your PC. If you can connect to MetaMask again after rebooting, it has been restored.

Summary of the connection between OpenSea and MetaMask

This is the summary when you cannot connect to MetaMask with OpenSea.

  • If you cannot connect to OpenSea, select the ETH network.
  • If you still cannot connect, delete MetaMask and reinstall it.
  • If you forget your password and private key phrase, your assets may be frozen.

That’s all… If you can’t connect to OpenSea, don’t panic, it will be restored. Please be calm and take action.