3 ways to get started and make money with crosslinking! NFT game to develop characters by leaving them alone

I’m researching NFT games and I’m interested in a game called Crosslink, so I’m thinking, “I’d like to play it,” and “Can I earn money?” I am sure that many of you are thinking, “I want to play it” or “Can I earn money from it?

There are many NFT games, and it is difficult to decide which game is the most efficient way to earn money. In this article, we will explain how to start playing NFT games and how to earn money.

Three Steps to Getting Started with Crosslink

The following is a three-step guide on how to get started with Crosslink, an NFT game.

Step 1: Download Crosslink

Cross Link is available on “App Store” and “Google Play”.

When you search for “Crosslink” in “App Store,” an icon that looks like a black cat will appear, so tap it to install. Once installed on your device, launch Crosslink.

Step 2: Create an account

When you try to open Cross Link, you will see “Allow Location-based Services” and press “OK. Cross Link is a game that is played using location information services, so you cannot play it unless you allow it.

The method of setting up location information depends on the device you are using.

  1. Tap the Cross Link icon at the bottom of the Settings icon.
  2. Select “Allow location information” in the “Allow access” field and set to “Allow
  3. Set “Allow only while using this APP” or “Confirm next time

For Android, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Tap the Settings icon, and then tap the location information icon.
  2. Move the screen down and you will see the apps installed on your device
  3. When you find a CrossLink app, tap it to turn on location information.

After turning on the location information service, tap the “Start” button on the CrossLink start screen.

The Terms of Use screen will appear and you will tap Agree. If you agree, you will be asked about “Allow Notifications”, please choose the one you like.

Loading begins, and an image shows what kind of game Crosslink is.

The screen switches to create a character to operate. The character is divided into “face” and “body” parts, just like an avatar on a social networking service, allowing the user to create a character of his/her choice.

Hair Color
Face Skin tone
Eye shape
Eye position
Eyebrow Shape
Eyebrow Position
Mouth Shape
Helmet Color
Right hand
Left hand

Character customization can be changed even after starting the game.

After creating a character, click the “Done” button and enter a name for the character. Character names can be up to 18 characters long. Of course, Japanese input is supported. You can change the character name you have entered later.

Step 3: Read the tutorial

Once you have finished creating your character, the tutorial will begin. The tutorial is basically a review of how to operate the system.

  • Dispatching a Hero
  • The distance a hero can be sent out to dispatch.
  • Confirmation of information about the hero you are playing
  • Explanation of Treasures

The tutorial ends with a brief explanation of the above items. Many people play Cross Link and become frustrated because there is no detailed explanation of the game content.

In the next section, we will explain how to proceed with Cross Link.

Five Crosslink Strategies

For those who have just started Crosslink and are not sure what to expect from the tutorial, here are five strategies.

Strategy 1: The only thing you can do during the dispatch is to collect

Cross Link is designed to be a game of almost complete abandonment, so the only thing you can do during dispatch is collect “treasure chests” and “money”. You can close the game after dispatching a character.

Cross Link is linked to the real time. You will receive a notification from the app when the dispatch is finished about the destination.

If you cannot touch your phone for a while, such as for work, you can set a longer dispatch time.

Strategy 2: Strengthen your equipment frequently.

Crosslinking increases a character’s abilities as he or she gains rank. However, the number that increases with level up is “1” or “2”.

Equipment is important to raise the level of status. When you start Cross Link, you will have an ordinary sword. At first, you will equip an ordinary sword and strengthen it.

Use the money you get to strengthen the ordinary sword and make it strong enough to fight large bosses. Until the cooperative defeat battles appear, you will dispatch a lot of people to strengthen your equipment.

You will need money to strengthen your equipment. Money is needed as the level of your equipment increases. The system is such that the higher your character’s level, the more money you can get from dispatching.

Without spending money, you will not be able to strengthen your character, so use it each time.

Strategy 3: Complete hero missions and raise your rank.

Cross-linked missions are available, and completing them will increase your character’s rank. By raising your rank, you will receive the following benefits

  • Dispatch distance increases
  • Increased HP
  • More skill points
  • You will receive 10 diamonds.

There are three conditions to raise a character’s rank.

  • Distance traveled
  • Number of dispatches completed
  • Number of treasures acquired

Each time a character’s rank increases, it becomes more difficult. If a mission is difficult to complete, it is possible to exchange missions.

The first time you exchange a mission is 0 yen; the second time you can spend diamonds to change the contents. As much as possible, try to complete the mission without spending diamonds.

Strategy 4: Actively participate in events that are being held.

Crosslink frequently holds events with no entry requirements. Just by participating in an event, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Event-specific weapons
  • Bitcoins
  • Money

Try to participate as much as possible because you will receive a lot of virtual currency and in-game items. Locations where the event bosses will appear are announced on the official website. There are two types of event bosses available, “Giant” and “Super Giant,” and they are strong enemies.

If you are not well-trained, you will be killed by a single blow. However, the event bosses are gorgeous only for the participation reward, so it is recommended to participate just once.

Also, the location where the bosses appear can be a long distance away, depending on the person, so be proactive and use items that shorten the dispatch time to move around.

Strategy 5: Understand the Attributes in Your Favor

Cross links have attributes.

Enemies in cooperative battles have weak points, so if you use a weapon that corresponds to the weak point attribute, you can increase the damage you inflict and receive more contribution points.

Each attribute has the following affinities, so understanding them will make it easier to earn contribution points.

Fire attributeStrong in wind and weak in water
Water attributeStrong in fire, weak in wind
Wind attributeStrong against water, weak against fire
Non-attributeNo affinity, equal to all attributes

The equipment also has a set of attack types.

  • Slashing: Sword
  • Stabbing: Spear
  • Striking: Fist
  • Heat ray: Gun, Glass

When fighting enemies in cooperative battles, you can efficiently get contribution points by targeting the weak points of attack types. If you get more contribution points, you will receive “Bitcoins” and “Equipment”.

3 ways to earn money at Cross Link

You will receive virtual currency for playing Crosslink. The virtual currency you receive can be stored in your account on a virtual currency exchange. There are three ways to collect virtual currency in Crosslink. Each of them will be explained in detail.

How to earn money 1: Repeatedly fight large bosses

By fighting large bosses and raising your contribution level, you can obtain treasure chests that give you virtual currency. When you find a large boss, actively participate in the fight.

When a large boss appears, it is recommended to play Cross Link in the following way.

  • Dispatch the boss immediately after you finish fighting in the morning.
  • Take a lunch break and fight another large boss.
  • Move to another location when the break is over
  • Fight at night and move long distances when you go to bed

During the hours when you cannot touch the crosslink by any means, dispatch long distance. Collect a large amount of virtual currency by challenging large bosses while strengthening your character.

How to earn money 2: Conduct reconnaissance frequently.

Although it is a small amount, you may receive virtual currency by watching ads when you do reconnaissance. When you do reconnaissance, watch the 30-second ads to increase your chances of earning virtual currency.

It is important to be proactive when you find a spot where you can do reconnaissance.

How to earn money 3: Dispatch often.

Sometimes you can get virtual currency from treasure chests you get when you dispatch.

If you have cross-linked notifications turned on in your smartphone, you can save “bitcoins” by sending out a dispatch to the next dispatch without missing the timing when the dispatch is over.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on Crosslink.

  • Can I resell the game?
  • How do I get 5 stars?
  • Can I redeem them?
  • Can I do it without paying?

Q1: Can I resell the game?

Cross Link is a free app game, so if you delete the app, your previous data will be lost. Also, there is no need to reset the game as there is no gacha element in the game itself.

Q2: How can I obtain rare equipment?

The way to obtain rare items and weapons is to fight large bosses and raise your contribution level. You can get 5-star equipment from the rewards you receive according to your contribution level.

During the event, you can also get 5-star equipment as a reward for participating, so please be proactive in participating.

Q3: How do I redeem my Bitcoins?

Crosslink can be redeemed into your own virtual currency wallet (e.g. MetaMask) using a “bitcoin wallet address”. If you do not have a bitcoin wallet address, you cannot redeem. You will need to enter your own phone number to make a redemption.

Q4:Can I play Cross Link without paying?

Cross Link is a free game, so you can play without paying.

Crosslink is an NFT game where you can earn virtual currency by leaving it alone.

This is the end of this article on how to get started and earn money with Crosslink. Finally, I will summarize the contents of the article.

  • Basically, the game is designed to be left alone
  • Actively participate in raid battles against large bosses
  • You can exchange your collected bitcoins for cash.

The more you play Cross Link, the stronger your character becomes, and the more powerful items and virtual currency you can obtain.

In cooperative battles, the top ranking is dominated by skilled users who have already played the game, so it is tough for beginners to aim for the top ranking.

Since you can get virtual currency, it is recommended to play this game together with other games as a way to kill time.