How to start CryptoNinja Party!(CNPT), how to earn money, and sale information!

CryptoNinja Party!(CNPT), a game adaptation of CryptoNinja that is currently attracting attention in Japan, is scheduled for release in July 2022.

CNPT is a great project that brings Play to Earn games to life.

What is CNPT? What do I need to do to get started? I want to know about the sale information.

(CNPT), how to get started, and how to buy.

We will also explain new information about the details of the NinjaNFT sale in the latter half of the article.

What is CryptoNinja Party!

(CNPT) is a Play to Earn game created by HashGames, the game division of HashPalette Inc.

Players will play various mini-games using the popular NFT collection CryptoNinja characters.

HashPalette Corporation

CNPT Official Website

CNPT Official Twitter

CNPT Official Discord

What is CryptoNinja NFT?

CryptoNinja NFT is a collection of NFT with ninja motifs created by influencer ikehaya (@IHayato) and illustrator Rii2 (@rii2_4).


The total amount of NFT transactions is worth 70 million yen, making it one of the top traded in Japan.

There was a game called “CryptoNinja” in the past, but it is a different service from “CryptoNinja NFT” operated by ikehaya, which is introduced here.

Features of CryptoNinja Party!

CryptoNinja Party!(CNPT) is not just a game to play, but a game that allows you to play and earn money.

There are three main features of CNPT. We will explain them below.

Games with Play to Earn feature

CryptoNinja Party!(CNPT) is designed with Play to Earn (P2E).

Play to Earn (P2E) is a feature that combines blockchain technology used in online games, allowing players to combine games with virtual currency and receive rewards for playing games.

In CNPT, you can earn EXP (in-game currency) by playing and completing many games.

The system allows you to earn money by converting this EXP into virtual currency.

You can also play on your smartphone

CNPT is not only compatible with PC, but also with Android and iPhone, making it easy to play the game anywhere.

CryptoNinja Party! has several mini-games, including single-player games, competitive games, and co-op games, allowing you to play in a variety of ways.


You can play by depositing NFTs in CNPT.

As you collect NFTs, you can increase the number of games you can play and earn EXP (in-game currency) based on your score, wins, losses, and status.

This EXP can be spent to strengthen NFTs or converted to tokens.

The game has a “star system” with a three-star rating system, and the amount of EXP earned depends on the game score and other factors.

EXP can be exchanged for virtual currency, so it plays a very important role in the game.

By earning a lot of EXP, you can earn money.

Please refer to the official Twitter account for more detailed explanations of the game.

You can buy NFTs with a credit card.

Currently, NFT can only be purchased with PLT, but in the future, we plan to support credit card payments.

No time frame has been announced yet, so please check back for official information as it becomes available.

How to earn money on CryptoNinja Party!(CNPT)

Now that we have explained the features of CNPT in detail, how can we actually earn money with CNPT? Some of you may be wondering.

We will explain how to earn money with CryptoNinja Party!

Earn by playing games

  • Earning EXP

You can earn EXP (in-game currency) by playing games and contributing to CNPT.

  • Earning Tokens

You can earn tokens by paying EXP to the reward system.

The quantity of tokens will vary depending on the total amount of EXP paid.

Also, depending on the amount of PLT staked (deposited in CNPT), the tokens can be efficiently converted into rewards.

The amount of EXP earned increases not only by game scores and wins/losses, but also by various strategies such as raising the level of NFT, so there are many challenging elements to enjoy the game.

Create and Earn Games

The “Create and Earn” feature, which allows users to create games in CNPT, will be implemented in the future.

When this feature is implemented, EXP and tokens will be rewarded based on the number of times a game created by the user is played.

The detailed schedule has not been announced yet, but according to the roadmap, it is likely to be implemented in 2023 or later.

This is a very attractive feature for those who like to create games.

How to start CryptoNinja Party!

To play, you will need the virtual currency PLT and NinjaNFT.

To get started, follow the steps below.

  1. Register with Coincheck → Deposit Japanese Yen
  1. Purchase in-game tokens (virtual currency PLT)
  1. Register for a PLT Place account and create a PLT wallet
  1. Purchase NFT in advance
  1. Play when released

1. register with Coincheck

The registration process for Coincheck is explained in this article.


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2. Purchase the virtual currency PLT (Pallet Token)

PLT is a virtual currency issued by Hashpalette.

It can be purchased at Coincheck and should be purchased in advance.

Once you have purchased the virtual currency PLT, you will then need to send it to a wallet for PLT called PLT Wallet.

The following steps will explain how to create a PLT wallet.

3. Register for a PLT Place account and create a PLT wallet

NinjaNFTs are traded on PLT Place, an NFT marketplace.

You purchase NFTs by sending the virtual currency PLT to the PLT wallet described earlier.

You can learn more about how to register for a PLT Place account and create a PLT wallet in this article.


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4. Purchase CryptoNinja NFT in advance.

CNPT allows you to play the game by possessing NinjaNFT.

The more NFTs you possess, the more EXP you will earn and the more active you will be in the game.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy NFTs in advance.

5. Play the game when it is released.

CNPT is scheduled to be released in July 2022.

The date has not been announced yet, but you should check the official Twitter and other sites frequently to prepare for the release.

Sale Information for CryptoNinja Party!(CNPT)

NinjaNFT is indispensable to start the game, and HashPalette Inc. has decided to hold the first NFT Sale.

Sale Overview

Officials have announced the details.

The sale will take place at PLT Place, and the first sale will run from Friday, July 1 to Wednesday, July 13.

The acceptance period seems to be different for each rarity.

The first sale will be available only at PLT. In the second and third sales, it will also be available for purchase with credits.

Sale price and quantity

Here are the sale prices and quantities


The items are divided into Legendary, Epic, and Rare from the top, but these are NinjaNFT rarities.

There are also Uncommon and Common.

The order of rarity is Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common.

The higher the rarity, the higher the initial status, and the more EXP you can earn, the easier it is to earn money.

The maximum number of lottery applications is limited to one per person, with a minimum of one NFT to play.

Comparing the price of the most powerful Legendary and the best Rare, the price varies about 10 times, but you can earn enough money even with Rare, and Common and Uncommon can also be earned normally.

If you want to earn money efficiently and stand out from other users, Epic and Rare are recommended.

Epic and Rare items are sold in large quantities, so they are relatively easy to obtain because the competition is lower.

If you want to start the game with a higher status while keeping your budget low, this is a good choice.

The third sale will include NFTs that are lower in price than the rares, so the quantity has not yet been announced, but if you are looking for a more affordable way to start the game, be sure to check it out.


The registration period for the first sale is here.

Each rarity has a different time period, so check the schedule for the rarity you are targeting.

The lottery for the first Legendary has been closed. (As of July 5)


When the lottery begins, you can easily accept applications by clicking [Apply for Lottery].

The lottery for Epic will begin at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 5, so those who are considering purchasing should apply within this period.

The results of the lottery will be announced at 8:00 p.m. two days after the registration deadline for all rarities.

The announcement may be delayed depending on the number of applications, so please check CNPT’s official Twitter and CNPT’s official Discord for more information.


In this article, we explained CNPT.

  • CNPT is a “Play To Earn” game that allows players to earn money by playing mini-games and other competitive games.
  • You can earn in-game currency and convert it into Japanese yen.
  • You need to purchase NinjaNFT in advance at PLT Place.
  • Get your NFTs during the sale period and prepare for the release date!

This is a very high profile game and we are looking forward to its release.

If you are thinking about starting an NFT game, I highly recommend CNPT because it is on sale to get NinjaNFT at a great price.

New information may be added in the future, so check the official Twitter and Discord.