Thorough explanation of how to use and earn money with LOLLIPOP! The strongest DeFi related to NTF with Japanese language support!

LOLLIPOP is an NFT Market DeFi with the potential to become the largest platform in the rapidly expanding NFT market.
LOLLIPOP has already caught fire around the world and is becoming the new norm, but it is still not well known in Japan, and there is little information available, but that is why we can expect to benefit from its first-mover advantage.
In this article, we will tell you how to use and register LOLLIPOP, the popular DeFi, and how to earn money.

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LOLLIPOP is a platform that uses DeFi public chain technology to cross-chain all NFT markets.
Currently, NFT platforms are in disarray, with each content being traded on a separate market.
As a result, neither creators nor users have a clear idea of the market, and transactions are not smooth.
LOLLIPOP is a DeFi (decentralized finance) that handles these platforms in parallel at once, so creators can choose the platform most advantageous to them to sell their content, and users can compare and purchase the content with the best investment efficiency.
As a result, we can expect an explosive increase in transactions and even greater growth in the market itself.
It has the potential to become the very center of the NFT market.

7 ways to make money with LOLLIPOP!

LOLLIPOP uses DeFi (decentralized finance) technology and is established as a system without a central administrator.
Therefore, as with other DeFi, there are various mechanisms in place for users to manage each other, and there are multiple, albeit complex, channels for earning money.
So how can you earn money using LOLLIPOP? We will tell you the following 7 ways.

  1. Exchange
  2. Liquidity
  3. Stake|Staking
  4. Farming
  5. Buy
  6. Auction
  7. Airdrop


First, LOLLIPOP is a DeFi operating on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and has its own token “Lollipop Token (LPOP)” that can be used inside it.
Since there is a limit to the number of these tokens issued, the more LOLLIPOP becomes known and the more users it has, the more scarce it will become. If this happens, you can expect an explosive price increase as a currency and earn a lot of money.
Of course, the main focus is on exchanges to LPOP, but other currencies such as BNB, BUSD, and WBNB are also eligible.

②Liquidity|Liquidity Pool

LOLLIPOP also supports liquidity pools.
DeFi is a user-controlled system, but because of this, there is little liquidity and transactions may not be satisfactorily executed. Therefore, to ensure liquidity, tokens are locked to smart contracts within DeFi.
If two tokens containing LPOPs are pooled together, the user will receive a fee in tokens based on their share of the overall liquidity (liquidity mining).


Staking is a mechanism whereby LPOPs are held continuously and LPOPs are received as interest. There is a holding period (lock period) during which the staked LPOP cannot be moved, but the longer the period is set, the higher the interest rate received as compensation.
As of March 31, 2022, the following plans are available.

Locked PeriodCompensation RateAPR
3 months4%16%
12 months20%20%
18 months37.5%25%
24 months50%25%

The compensation interest rate for a 24-month holding period is an astonishing 50%.


Farming, using liquidity pools, will also be implemented, and although it is still in preparation as of March 2022, if the much talked about yield farming is also available, the number of users using DeFi will increase as liquidity increases, and the value of LOLLIPOP itself can be expected to rise.


This is probably the NFT purchase function, which is in preparation as of March 2022, but will probably become the main function of the NFT market DeFi as the easiest and largest volume search for content that is expected to increase in value.
The fact that the proceeds from the sale with the rising content will be a great earning power is evident from the billions of dollars in value for digital art.


Auction is a function to sell NFT content.
When creators sell NFT content, the auction format seems to be basically assumed. Auctions are expected to bring unexpectedly high prices as users compete against each other.
Auctions are the best way to earn billions of dollars in profit.


LOLLIPOP also runs the Airdrop campaign.
You can earn LPOP for free as part of your marketing efforts, provided that you follow and send out messages via Twitter and Telegram.
The more users participate, the more scarce LPOP becomes and the more you can earn in marginal profit. Get the word out while getting free tokens.

How to register and get started with LOLLIPOP!

LOLLIPOP is a DeFi that supports Japanese, so Japanese people can feel at ease. Also, operation is intuitive and very simple.

  1. Access the site
  2. Connect|Wallet connection
  3. Wallet Setup
  4. Import LPOP into the wallet

That’s all there is to it, so let’s get started and tell you how to register and get started with LOLLIPOP. (*For the connection to the wallet, Google Chorome is used as the browser.)

①Access to the website

First, access the LOLLIPOP website.

Then click on “Lounch App” in the center.

The top page will open in a new tab.

②Connect|Wallet connection

Next, connect to the wallet on the top page.
This time, we will use the Google Chrome extension “MetaMask” for the wallet, which is an essential element of NFT. If you have not set up MetaMask yet, please refer to the related article for more details.
Now, to connect on LOLLIPOP, first click “Connect” in the upper right corner of the screen.


You will then see a pop-up window that says “Connect to a wallet” and select “Metamask”.


You will then see a pop-up window as shown below, and click “Next”.


A further pop-up will appear, again press “Connect”.


Some people may get a warning like the one below at this time.


In such cases, set up the wallet side as follows.

③Wallet setup

By default, MetaMask is only connected to the ethereum mainnet. However, in order to use LOLLIPOP, it must be connected to the BSC network, so we will set that up.
First, open the MetaMask screen and click where it says “Ethereum Mainnet” at the top.


From the network settings that appear there, select “Add Network”.


Then the setup screen will appear, and you will enter the following information as shown in the following picture.

Setting itemInput contents
Network nameBSC Mainnet
Chain ID56
Block Explorer URL

※If you type 56, you will get an error message, but if you then type BNB, you will be fine.


After saving, make sure “BSC Mainnet” is selected in the upper right corner.


Now you’re all set up, you’re all set up!
Make sure your wallet information appears in the upper right corner.


④Import LPOP into wallet

Finally, import the LPOP information into MetaMask to finish the setup.
First, click on “Import Tokens” at the bottom of the MetaMask screen.


On the newly opened settings screen, enter the following information in the “Token Contract Address” field.

token contract address

Once entered, click “Add Custom Token.


LPOP will be displayed, press “Import Token”.


All settings are now complete.

LOLLIPOP Usage Manual

The following is how to operate LOLLIPOP. Some of them are not yet implemented, but you should be able to earn money quickly by familiarizing yourself with them.

①Exchange|How to use the Exchange

First, let’s choose Exchange. It is displayed by default on the top page. If it shows something else, press “Swap”.
First, choose which token you want to exchange.


Currently supported are LPOP, BNB, BUSD, and WBNB; choose the one that is convenient for you.


Now all you have to do is enter your transaction volume and you’re set!
Be sure to check various information such as slippage.


②Liquidity|How to use the Liquidity Pool

Next, we will discuss how to use the liquidity pool.
On the top page, click on “Pool” and select “Add Liquidity.


The screen will change and you will now determine the two types of tokens and the amount to pool. The reward will vary depending on your share of the pool. Check the “PRICES AND POOL SHARE” information and adjust it to your balance.


③Stake|How to use staking

Next, let’s look at how to use Staking.
Press “Stake” on the top page to open the Staking page in a new tab. (This is the only place where the Japanese language is reflected.)
You can choose from four different types of staking depending on the lock period, but the 24-month “50% Reward Interest Rate” is the one that catches my attention.


After selecting the plan you wish to staking, click “Staking”.


You will be asked to connect to the wallet again, so select MetaMask.


Then decide on the amount of LPOP to be staked, press “Approve LPOP” and click “Confirm”.


This completes the staking.

④Farm|How to use Farming

Farming is currently under preparation. We will report back as soon as it is implemented.


⑤Buy|How to use Buy

Buy is likewise in preparation as of March 2022.

⑥Auction|How to use Auction

Auctions are likewise in preparation as of March 2022.

⑦Airdrop|How to use Airdrop

This is an airdrop, and it is currently underway to rave reviews.
This is your chance to earn LPOP for free, so make sure you do it right.
First, click on “Airdrop” in the left column on the top screen, and you will see the following screen. Press this “TWITTER Request” button, and Twitter will be automatically activated.


The screen will look like the one below, so be sure to tweet about LOLLIPOP’s good qualities and potential.


Then return to the previous screen to see that the task has moved on to the next step.
Click on the blue “Follow me on TWITTER.


LOLLIPOP’s official account will appear, so don’t hesitate to follow it. Keep up to date with the latest information.


After following up, return to the page and this time click on “Join TELEGRAM”.


A new page will open, so click on “VIEW IN TELEGRAM”.


That’s it.
Go back to the page again and click on “Get LPOP”.


Transaction occurred and I was able to successfully earn LPOP for free.

For anyone interested in the NFT, I’ll gather the latest info on LOLLIPOP!

These are the instructions on how to register and use LOLLIPOP.
Both NFTs and virtual currencies are already slow when “everyone knows” about them. Because you move fast, you can become a billionaire with first-mover advantage.
Information is starting to appear on official Twitter and Telegram. Make sure to catch up, register ahead of time, and give it a try.