【Easy with your phone】How to make NFT art? How to easily create digital art with the app!

Some of the best NFT apps for the iPhone offer the ability to create, create and exchange art, making the creation process (registering NFTs on the blockchain) much easier.

More apps and platforms are now offering UX designs that are accessible to newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, we will thoroughly explain how to create NFT art, while introducing recommended creation apps.

What are the 3 things you need to make and exhibit NFT art? 

There are only three things needed to create and exhibit NFT art.

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • MetaMask Wallet
  • Marketplace account

The NFT Marketplace allows designers and artists to upload their digital artwork and list it for sale online as NFT.

To do this, you need to prepare various things: an ethereum, a wallet, and a marketplace account.

Some of the most popular marketplaces include Rarible, OpenSea, Mintable, and KnownOrigin SuperRare.

 1. Buy Ethereum (ETH), a crypto asset 

Most major digital art marketplaces charge fees associated with converting content to NFT.

More on this later, but in the meantime, you will need to buy Ethereum (ETH) to cover the cost of creating your first NFT.

Ethereum (ETH) can be bought on Japanese exchanges and foreign exchanges such as Binance.

 2. Create a MetaMask (MetaMask) to keep Ethereum in it.

Because NFTs are blockchain-based assets, a wallet is required to create, send, and receive tokens.

You must also provide funds to the wallet so that it can pay transaction fees associated with the transaction.

Since most NFT platforms are built on Ethereum (ETH), you need an Ethereum wallet that is funded with ETH, the virtual currency, so that you can pay transaction fees.

Most experts recommend using the MetaMask wallet extension in Chrome or whatever other browser you use.

This extension allows you to connect to the NFT Marketplace and use the associated services directly from your computer’s browser.

When you install and run MetaMask for the first time, you will receive a 12-word recovery phrase.

Back this up to a secure offline location.

Next, you must purchase ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange or broker and send it to an ETH wallet address such as MetaMask.

Most platforms allow you to complete your purchase using a credit/debit card or bank.

 3. Create an account with OpenSea and link it to MetaMask

Third, you will need to create an account such as OpenSea.

Access your preferred NFT creation and sales platform and connect your ethereum wallet.

Sign in to OpenSea via your MetaMask wallet. (Click on the blue icon in the upper right corner of the website before signing in).

Authorize Sign transactions designed to protect the wallet.

Once completed, you will be taken to your account page from the website.

After selecting your username and writing a short biography, enter your email address and complete the confirmation from your inbox.

Once back in OpenSea, select “Create” from the upper right corner and select “Send NFT” from the drop-down menu.

Under Create New Collection, click “Create”.

Enter the collection name, description (1000 characters), and logo (350 * 350).

Click “Save” and wait for a message confirming that the collection has been created.

On the next page, click “Edit” to customize settings such as header image, links to social media handles, payment currency and fees, display theme, etc.

Click Submit Changes to return to the Collections page.

To create an NFT, click on “Add New Item” under “Collections”.

Upload artwork along with other necessary information such as external links and descriptions.

Enter properties, levels, and statistics using information such as year created and edition of NFT being uploaded.

For example, one of the five: since OpenSea allows only one NFT to be created, another edition can be uploaded in the same collection.

Click “Create” to authorize the transaction via MetaMask.

Next, from the “Collections” tab, go back to “Edit” and toggle the option to send the collection for review and approval from OpenSea.

Your art will be available to others while awaiting approval, but with an unapproved collection tag or warning sign.

Once approved (which may take hours or days), the NFT will be tagged with an approved collection tag when it appears in the OpenSea listing.

Click on the art item link and select Sell.

Select a pricing model (Fixed or Auction) and choose Post Listing.

Follow the wallet prompts to sign the transaction via MetaMask.

Once the transaction is approved by the network, the NFT will be available in the public domain.

About the application required to create NFT digital art

This is about the applications needed to create NFT digital art.

  • Image Creation Apps
  • Music Creation Apps
  • Video Creation Apps

We will explain how to select, create, and even recommend applications for the above three applications.

How to choose an image creation app

The following points should be considered when choosing an image creation app

  • Can you create NFT art within the app?
  • Does it have its own NFT marketplace?
  • Is it linked to other marketplaces?
  • Is there support for non-Ethernet?
  • Is the cost of creation clear and inexpensive?

Most image creation app can be created by simply uploading an image file.

They offer simple 32×32 or 64×64 grids for painting pixel works.

You can also hold your smartphone up to a piece of paper and look at the screen to see a line drawing, which you can then write on yourself.

If you want to create your own art, the app has drawing tools and digital canvases to use.

How to choose a music creation app

The following are points to consider when choosing a music creation app

  • Can you create NFT art within the app?
  • Does it have its own NFT marketplace?
  • Is it linked to other marketplaces?
  • Is there support outside of Ethereum?
  • Is the cost low?

Image creation app are relatively easy, even for novice users.

Therefore, focus on efficiency, such as marketplaces that are directly connected but can be created inexpensively.

We will introduce some recommended apps later.

How to choose a video creation app

  • Create NFT art in the app
  • Is it easy for beginners to edit?
  • Is the cost low?

Video creation apps require more editing skills than images.

Therefore, we recommend a simple formatting app that can be done by beginners as much as possible.

How to create NFT art with a smartphone app

This section explains how to actually make it. There are three main methods of creation

  • Using an image application
  • How to create with music creation apps
  • How to make a video with a video creation app

How to create NFT art with image apps

Here is how to make it with an image application. You can make it by following the steps below.

  • Download the image app
  • Register
  • Upload an album
  • Processing and editing

You can also use a hand-drawn artwork scanning application (CamScanner, PhotoScan, etc.) to import drafts to your phone for editing.

The app GoArt will explain the specific steps.

To get started, download the GoArt app and create an account.

GoArt requires coins to use the premium filters, and you can earn 30 coins by signing up.

You can also earn coins by sharing the app on social networking sites and having your friends sign up.

Recommended Image Apps

Here are some recommendations and image applications.

  • GoArt
  • NFTcreator!


GoArt is an application that allows you to create NFTs on your iPhone. Rather than creating custom NFTs from digital art, the app uses creative filters to convert photos into NFTs.

Upload any media you have and you can instantly create your work as NFT art, and once the photo is created, you can save it to your camera roll.


The app is designed for those who want to create high quality digital art without graphic design backgrounds.

With so many excellent customization options available, NFTCreator! can be tailored to anyone’s needs.

Unlike other GoArt apps, there is no need to upload existing photos; instead, you can create your own in-app photos on the database.

One of the unique aspects of NFT Creator is the customizable backgrounds.

A variety of background images can be used to create abstract and textured NFT creations.

How to create NFT art with music creation apps

The NFT app for iPhone lets you create, make, and sell art on the go.

These apps make it easy to create or browse NFTs on your iPhone (Android devices can be used for some apps).

You don’t need a laptop or much knowledge about NFTs or blockchain.

Here’s how to create them with music creation apps. You can make it by following these steps

  • Enter the lyrics
  • Select a composition type
  • Melody is generated and downloaded

Other DAW tools are also recommended.

Then you can upload your music to the NFT Marketplace and sell it.

Recommended Music Creation Apps

Here are some recommended music creation apps.


Medly is an iOS-compatible music creation app and a tool that allows users to compose music with intuitive operations, simply tracing the length of the desired sound.

Even beginners can create easily and intuitively.

Chordana Composer

Chordana Composer allows you to compose music without any knowledge of music composition by simply inputting a melody. 

The software automatically composes a melody by freely combining items such as the size of the melody’s movement and tension.

How to create NFT art with a video creation app

Video works require video editing software.

While images and other media can be created without processing them as they are to some extent in a formidable NFT, video must be edited due to its excess and length.

Video editing software can also be used to create animations.

The procedure is as follows

  • Take a video
  • Process with a video editing application
  • List your items on the marketplace

You can also make video games and YouTube videos as NFT.

An easy way to do this is to press Windows + G on your computer and capture the video while playing the game.

Recommended Video Creation Apps

Here are some recommended video creation apps.


PremierePro is Adobe Systems’ classic video creation software and is very easy and convenient to use.


AfterEffects is an animation creation software from Adobe Systems that allows you to add effect effects to your illustrations and artwork.


AviUtl is a free software for video editing that is highly functional and easy to use.

Basically, with the above three editing software, you can create a simple NFT work.

 Summary of how to create NFT digital art 

The key points of this article are summarized below.

  • The crypto-assets Ethereum (ETH), MetaMask (MetaMask), and an OpenSea account are necessary to create and exhibit NFTs
  • Apps to create NFT art include image apps, music creation, and video creation apps

If you would like to exhibit NFT art for the first time, please refer to this article and give it a try.