MetaMask Usage Manual! Complete explanation of how to get started and how to set it up.

Want to start NFT, but don’t know how to set up MetaMask… We’ll start an explanation for it!

For those who are interested, this article provides a thorough explanation of MetaMask, from how to register to how to use it, with images.

This is the solution to setting up MetaMask, an essential element for earning money with NFT.

MetaMask is the most powerful wallet in the Ethereum family!

MetaMask is a virtual currency wallet that is essential for using Ethereum-based services.

Currently, many new services using DeFi (Decentralized Finance) blockchain technology are emerging.

In particular, virtual currency wallets for token payments are essential to participate in new markets such as digital content marketplaces using NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

Other uses include use for payments in blockchain games, and their applications are only expanding.

This wallet will become one of the necessary infrastructures in the future.

How to start with MetaMask! Explains how to register and set up

Let us begin by explaining how to start and install MetaMask.

You can start both on your computer and on your smartphone.

【Version for PC】How to start and set up MetaMask

Let’s check the PC version first.

Go to the official website and select “Download” on the Top page.

On the next page, press “chrome” and click “Install MetaMask for Chrome” below.

Click on “Add to Chrome” to go to the Extension installation page.

Select “Add extension”.

After a few moments, the MetaMask logo will appear in the upper right corner of Chrome. That completes the installation!

Next, let’s go through the initial setup.

The following screen will appear automatically, click on “Get Started”.

First, select “Create a Wallet”.

A message will then appear, but press “No Thanks” to proceed.

Next, you will be asked to set a password. Enter a new password twice, check the checkbox, and click “Create”.

Next, a video is provided, but if you do not need it, press “Next” to continue.

We will now review the “Secret Recovery Phrase”.

Click on the locked dark area.

The words are shown in a mosaic below, but in reality the words are displayed in a row.

This Secret Recovery Phrase is like an important password that is also useful for account recovery. Never disclose or tell it to others.

After saving the password in a memo or photo, press “Next”.

On the next screen, the 12 words that make up the Secret Recovery Phrase are displayed in pieces. Click on them in the correct order, looking at your notes from earlier.

After clicking, press “Confirm”.

Now you’re all set!

Finally, press “All Done”.

If you see a screen like the one below, you are done.

Thank you for your help!

【Version for smartphone】How to start and set up MetaMask

Let’s now look at how to get started with the smartphone version.

First, search for “MetaMask” in the app store and install it.

The image below is MetaMask’s application introduction screen.

Note the similar apps.

After the Install is complete, launch the application.

The following screen will appear first, tap “Get started”.

Then tap “Create a new wallet”.

Another guidance message will appear, tap “No Thanks”.

On the next screen, enter the new password in two places, check the checkboxes, and tap “Create password”.

Tap “Start” on the next screen.

A further confirmation screen will appear, so tap “Start” again.

Then, enter the password you just set and click “CONFIRM”.

Check the “Secret Recovery Phrase” in the same way as the PC version.

Tap “View” in the black area.

Then the Secret Recovery Phrase will be displayed as shown below. Take a screenshot or make a note of it, and then tap “Continue”.

Then 12 phrases will appear, tap them in order, and when you see “Success” at the bottom center, tap “Complete Backup”.

When the screen below appears, you are done.

Press and tap “Done”.

You will be transferred to the screen shown below and can then use it at your leisure.

MetaMask Usage Manual

Now that you have installed MetaMask, let’s take a look at how to use it in concrete terms.

How to transfer your account

If you change the device you are using, for example, you can install MetaMask on a new device and then carry over your previous account.

First, you need to escport your data.

Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and select “Account details” from the menu that appears.

Then click on “Export Private Key”.

Enter your password and click “Confirm”.

You will then see “Export Private Key” and make a note of it.

Click on the phrase and it will be copied, so you can freely paste and save it.

Let’s take a look at the process of importing an account using the information exported here.

The procedure is very simple.

On MetaMask on a new device, tap the icon in the upper right corner and click “Import Account”.

Enter the Private Key you just saved and click “Import”.

That completes the import!

You can take over your previous account and use it as-is.

Buy virtual currency

MetaMask also allows you to quickly navigate to various platforms to purchase virtual currency and tokens.

Press “Buy.”

Depending on the virtual currency/token you wish to purchase, you will automatically receive a link to the platform where you can purchase it.

Below is the case of BNB.

Click on “Conttinue to Transak.”

You will be prompted to enter how much you would like to purchase, so enter it and then click “Buy Now”.

In the “WALLET ADDRESS” section, paste the MetaMask address and press “Buy BNB” to complete the process.

You can copy your address by clicking on the arrow in the screen below.

Transferring Virtual Currency

Then, let’s look at money transfers.

Click on the “Send” icon.

There is a field for the destination address, so enter the address of another wallet or account.

After that, choose the token and amount, and press “Next” to proceed to the confirmation screen to finish.

Be careful with your gas bill.

Swap virtual currencies

MetaMask also allows you to swap virtual currencies with each other.

Click on “Swap.

Select tokens with “Swap from” and “Swap to”.

After entering the amount, simply check the “Review Swap” and if all is well, make your decision and you are done.

Additions other than Ethereum blockchain

MetaMask is basically compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, but it can be used for other blockchains as well.

Let’s first look at how to add a typical BSC network.

Click on “Ethereum Mainnet” in the upper right corner.

Then click on “Add Network”.

Enter network information.

Register the following information.

Setting itemInput contents
Network nameBSC Mainnet
Chain ID56
Block ExplorerURL

Press “Save” and you should see the following additions

You can change it again to ethereum, etc. from the icon in the upper right corner that says “BSC”.

Here is some other network information.

First is Polygon.

Setting ItemEntry Details
Network NameMatic Mainnet
Chain ID137
Block Explorer URL

Next is “Avalanche”.

Setting ItemEntry Details
Network NameAvalanche C-Chain
Chain ID0xa86a
Block Explorer URL

Finally, let us introduce about “KCC”.

Setting itemInput contents
Network NameKCC
Chain ID321
Symbol KCS
Block Explorer URL

Now you can use other network-based services with confidence.

As various networks may be added in the future, let’s use them conveniently while extending them each time.

Adding NFTs to MetaMask

Finally, add the NFTs you own to MetaMask.

MetaMask allows you to see and manage your NFTs in a list.

However, the current specification is to add them from the smartphone app version.

First, from the top screen of the app, tap “NFTs” in the lower right corner.

Select “Import NFTs” on the screen that switches.

This is where you put in the NFT information.

All that is required is the Address and ID.

Just enter them and tap Import to add them.

This information can be found on the administration page of the NFT itself.

For example, in OpenSea, first select the person icon in the upper right corner.

A list of NFTs will appear in the list. Click on the NFT you wish to add and go to the details screen.

In this section, there is a section called “Details”, click on it to expand it.

Click on the blue link in the “Contract Adress” column.

You will be taken to another page called Etherscan, where you can copy the address by clicking on it in the upper left corner.

This will be “Address“, so paste it into column ① of MetaMask as described earlier. (For the copy and paste, access the above site from your phone.)

Then, on the same screen in OpenSea, click on the number column to the right of the “Token ID” column, and you will see a pop-up window that says COPY.

Paste the copy into ② on the MetaMask application.

Finally, tap IMPORT at ③ to complete the addition of the NFT.

Let’s manage them all at once.

Cautions for MetaMask

Despite the convenience of MetaMask, there are some points to note when you use it.

We will explain them below.

Properly manage login information, etc

MetaMask allows for the transfer of tokens and import of accounts with a very simple procedure.

Conversely, by giving or disclosing your secret key or address to others, you run the risk of being easily hijacked and having your funds transferred.

Many people store their passwords in a Google Spreadsheet in bulk, but if the sharing settings are incorrectly set so that others can see them, or if they are tricked into sharing them on a social networking site, they can subsequently be misused.

Be sure to take precautions such as storing important information in a paper-based format or using a strong application specializing in passwords.

Hacking risk

The vulnerability of MetaMask itself has also been pointed out.

Due to the nature of the system, which is always connected to the network, there have been cases where hackers have taken advantage of weak protections, and in 2021, a total of 8 billion yen worth of virtual currency was illegally transferred from the wallet of the EasyFi project.

Because of the complexity of the financial system, it is possible that a vulnerability in a part of the system can be exploited to steal all the funds.

It is important to check the security not only of MetaMask but also of all the services you use.

Avoid using free public Wi-Fi.

Cannot use Bitcoin, etc

MetaMask uses Ethereum-based virtual currency, and other well-known virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are not available.

If you are using that as your main currency, you will need to purchase Ethereum with Bitcoin. (ETH/BTC trading on bitFlyer, etc.)

Note on Supported Browsers

When using MetaMask on a PC, the available browsers are limited.

GoogleChrome and FireFox can be used, but if you normally use Microsoft Edge, you will need to download a separate browser.

Nevertheless, it may be worth taking this opportunity to introduce a new one, as the extension allows for easy transactions.

MetaMask is an essential and useful tool for NFT trading!

Despite these caveats, MetaMask is an essential tool for trading with NFTs and using DeFi with blockchain technology.

If you are interested in making money with NFT, a market that will continue to grow in size, we encourage you to install and use it as soon as possible.