Mintable Lets You to Trade NFT for free Gas! How to use it!

Mintable is a marketplace that those who deal in NFT should know about.

We often hear comments such as “I heard that Mintable is a good deal, but I don’t know how to get started,” or “I’m not sure how to use it because I can’t switch to the local language…”.

There are not many articles explaining Mintable in the multiple languages, and the hurdle is a little high.

However, Mintable has many attractive features, such as no gas costs.

We will explain how to get started and how to use Mintable using images.

Mintable is a Gas Free NFT Market!

The market for NFTs is currently in disarray, and it is difficult to know which one to choose when dealing in NFTs.

However, all markets basically rely on the Ethereum-based DeFi system, and there is usually a fee for recording transaction history and other information on the Ethereum blockchain (the so-called gas fee).

The difficult part of NFT trading is that you have to ensure a profit based on the gas fee, not just “sell low and buy high”.

(Furthermore, the higher the overall transaction volume, the higher the gas price.)

Therefore, reselling for a small amount is not very profitable, and since a large amount must be set, the closing rate also decreases, and many beginners fall into a vicious circle where it is difficult to make a profit.

Mintable, on the other hand, does not charge for gas if you trade within its platform. This means that they can sell for lower amounts, thus increasing their chances of making a profit.

How to Get Started and Register with Mintable

This section explains how to get started and register with Mintable.

Register your e-mail address and username

First, access the official website and click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner.

Register your username, e-mail address, and password, and click “Create Account”.

Note that your password must meet the following requirements.

①More than 8 characters
②Capital alphabet is included.
③ Contains symbols.
④ Contains numerals.

*As of April 2022

The code is sent to your registered email.

The site screen automatically switches to the screen for registering the code, so type in the code and click “Verify Account.

Authentication is now complete.

You will then be asked to log in again. Enter the username (or e-mail address) and password you have set, and click “Log in.”

Connect Wallet

After logging in, you will first see the Connect Wallet screen.

If you have logged in to MetaMask in advance, a popup will naturally appear in the upper right corner of the screen, so press “Next” to proceed.

For details on how to set up MetaMask and the login screen, please refer to the Getting Started with MetaMask manual article.

Click “Connect” on the next screen.

A screen like the one below will then pop up in the center, and click on “Link Account”.

The MetaMask screen that pops up in the upper right corner will change to the following, click “Sign”.

The pop-up in the center of the screen will be the following screen. Finally, press “Done!

If you see your MetaMask address in the upper right corner of the Mintable home page, you have successfully connected.

The Complete Guide to Using Mintable! From creation to sale and purchase procedures explained

Let’s take a look at how to use Mintable.

  • Create & Sell
  • Search & Purchase

We will tell you in the following order.

Mint|Creation and Sale Setup ① Gasless Version

Mint” is the process of creating and issuing new NFTs using smart contracts.

Mintable allows you to easily create NFT content with your image data, etc.

First, click on the word “MINT”.

Mintable offers “Gasless Minting,” which means that you do not have to pay for gas as an alternative to using and selling only within the platform.

Here is the first step.

On the pop-up screen that appears, make sure Gasless is selected by default and click “Proceed to Mint”.

On the next screen, first select a preview file.

The preview file is like a thumbnail of the item you want to sell. Make sure it is eye-catching.

You can set up various files such as images and videos.

Press “Upload” to upload the file from your terminal.

When the upload is complete, it will appear as shown below.

You can add several others, and all but the first one will be displayed when you navigate to the details page of the work.

You can also upload private files and other files that only the purchaser can download. You can upload any kind of file here, whether it is a purchaser’s bonus or a memo.

Moving on down, you can set a description of this item (Item Description) and information about when it will appear in the store.

Set the title and subtitle.

The ④ category also needs to be set, so let’s click on it.

The following candidates will appear, and you should select the appropriate one.

Then you will see more subcategories below that, so register these as well.

The fields marked in red are required, so be sure not to forget to enter them.

Next, you can set up the important “selling method”.

First, you can choose Fixed or Auction.

Fixed is to sell at a fixed price, and Auction is to sell to the highest bidder in an auction style.

The auction style is more popular because in some cases, when it becomes popular, the price can be higher than expected.

Let’s start with “Fixed.

Buy Now Price” means, in layman’s terms, “I’ll sell it for this amount immediately.

There is a bar at the bottom to enter the amount in either virtual currency or dollars, so you can set it whichever you prefer.

In addition, here is the virtual currency payment.

Here is the dollar settlement.

The auction format is below.

① Starting Bid Price

In the auction format, the “Starting Bid Price” is set first. This is the minimum amount at which the auction will start.

If the starting bid price is set too high, no one will be able to buy, so it is important to find an appropriate range.

It is also helpful to see what other works in the same field are setting at the same level.

② Buy Now Price

Next, “Buy Now Price” is also set if necessary.

This is a setting that says, “This is auction style, but I will sell it immediately if you pay this amount. For buyers who can pay this amount, it is great because there is no risk of an unlimited increase in the purchase price, but for sellers, it means missing out on an unexpected opportunity to raise the price.

“Buy Now Price” is an optional setting, so there is no problem to set it if necessary.

③ Auction Length

This is the auction length.

The maximum is 7 days.

Incidentally, “7Days23Hours” can also be selected, but an error will eventually occur and it cannot be saved. The longest is “07Days0Hours”.

④ Transfer Copyright when purchased?

There is a check box at the end, which is the setting of whether the copyright is transferred together with the file when it is sold.

If you keep the copyright to yourself, there is still room for injunction or damage claims against unauthorized use.

However, since secondary use is restricted, the deal often cannot be concluded without a low price.

Once you have completed the above settings, click on List Item in the lower right corner.

You will then see a screen like the one below, click on “PROCEED”.

MetaMask will launch, click “SIGN” on the pop-up in the upper right corner.

When the screen shown below appears, the creation of the NFT has been successfully completed.

The NFT will be published in the store in Mintable, so let’s see how buyers react.

Mint|Creation and sale settings (2) Traditional version

Next, we will explain how you can set up your own store in a little more detail, for example, to use your own store.

First, press “MINT” in the upper right corner of the site, select “Traditional” and click “Proceed to Mint.

Choose a category.

If you have your own store, you will also be able to choose from a selection of options, so choose the store of your choice.

After selecting a category, a column for selecting a subcategory will appear.

Click to set up subcategories as well.

You can then add ① the name of the token, ② the title when it is lined up in the store, ③ the subtitle, and ④ the TAG.

For the tag, actually look at which tags are most common in Mintable and set a tag that is likely to be clicked on.

Then, upload the preview image at ⑤ , and if necessary, check the “Attach a private file/unlockable content?” checkbox and upload it as well.

Below that, you can also enter data about the token. This is usually not necessary, but if you want to enter more detailed data, use it.

It is said that a good description of the item in the Item description will increase the closing rate. It is not necessary to be overly detailed, but it is a good idea to use decorations and other elements to make the description more eye-catching.

If possible, it is recommended to write in English, as it will catch the eyes of people from all over the world. If you are unsure, use Google Translate.

Also, set “Transfer Copyright when purchased?

It is recommended to check “Allow buyer to resell” as well. Many buyers are thinking of reselling to a third party, so it is better to set up the settings so that they can sell again, which will increase the closing rate.

Finally, let’s set the price.

Fixed is a system for specifying a price and putting it on the market, as seen above.

Auction is an auction format, where you can choose the initial bid price and the duration of the auction.

Auction with Buy Now is set up the same way as seen above, “Auction format, but if you pay this amount, I will sell it immediately.

Enter the initial bid, the time period, and the amount of the instant offer.

Finally, press “LIST THIS ITEM” to complete the process.

Confirming the NFTs you have listed

To check the NFTs you have created and listed, click “Profile” in the pop-up window that appears when you hover the cursor over the purple icon in the upper right corner of the site.

On the newly opened screen, click on the “Listing” menu on the left side.

The listing will appear and you can check it.

You can also change the sale settings from the “Edit” section.

Checking NFT details

Click the “View” button on the Profile page above to see detailed information for each item, as shown below.

You can see how others are evaluating your exhibit, so change your exhibit status and presentation based on this.

At the end, you will find the data for the NFT itself.

For example, to add an NFT to MetaMask and display it, you need the NFT’s ID and Address information.

To know the Contract Address, click on the arrow below.

A separate site called Etherscan will open, so click on the blue number column in the “Contract” column on the right side.

You will find the address in the upper left corner of the other page you have moved to.

Click on the arrow to copy it and paste it into MetaMask or whatever you need to enter.

The Token ID can be found in the following location on the Mintable details screen.

This will also be copied when you click on it, so you can use it.

Boost with Ads

Mintable has a system that makes it easier for people to see what you charge.

On the individual detail page of the NFT, click on “Boost this Item” on the right side.

Click “Create Ad” when the Ad Manager starts up.

You can choose the period of time to boost, budget, and bid type. Select each of these options and proceed to the payment registration.

Once you have registered, you will get a pop-up at the end of the registration process, so press “Done”.

You will now see the thumbnails of your works and other information on the Top page.

Searching for and Buying Other People’s Work

Now that we have explained the process and procedures for creating and selling your own work, we will now explain how to buy someone else’s work.

First, let’s look at how to search for and buy someone else’s work.

There are two ways. The first is to click “All Categories” in the upper left corner of the page.

Click on the category you are interested in to get a more detailed list of categories.

A list of works belonging to the category will appear, so click on the work you are interested in.

And the second way is to click on the word “BROWSE” on the Top page.

The categories are arranged vertically, so click on the category you are interested in.

Similarly, a list will appear, so click on the works you are interested in.

Now, here is the actual purchase procedure.

Click on a work in the list of works, and you will be taken to the detail page as shown below.

To purchase, select “Buy Now” or “Buy with Credit Card”.

You will see a pop-up window as shown below, where you can choose either credit card payment or ethereum payment.

The following is the screen when you choose ethereum payment.

The MetaMask payment screen will appear on the right side.

On the other hand, if you choose to pay by credit card, you will see the following screen.

To register a credit card, you must authenticate using your phone.

Enter your phone number and click on “Send Code”.

You will receive a code by SMS on your phone, so enter it.

Once confirmed, you will be transferred to the credit card registration screen, enter your information, and you are done.

Note that works set up in the auction system will be displayed as follows.

The bottom line is the instant bid amount. To participate in the auction, enter the amount in the input box near the center and click “Place a Bid” to place your bid. When “Time Left” reaches zero, the highest bidder will win the auction.

If you do not have enough money in your wallet to place a bid, you will receive an alert like the one below.

Make a deposit and try again.

Mintable makes NFT Trading Easier

These are the instructions on how to get started and use Mintable.

Mintable is a commission-free trading platform.

Beginners are encouraged to sign up and use it, as it allows for trial and error without worrying about the cost of gas.