How to convert photos and images to NFT and sell them? Procedures and recommended marketplaces.

How many photos do you have stored on your phone or computer? If you could sell those photos, would you want to?

Since NFTs are non-substitutional tokens, they can be stored as a unique state on the blockchain. This means that photos and images can also be NFTs.

In this article, we will tell you how to NFT your photos and images and sell them, as well as introduce you to marketplaces that specialize in selling photos.

Your hobby of photography can be sold as NFT to someone in the world.

What can be sold as NFT

Dot paintings and other works sold as NFTs are well-known, but they are not the only ones. With blockchain technology, anything can be converted to NFT.

Here, we will explain what kinds of things are sold in the marketplace as NFTs.


In the NFT Market, you can also list and sell photos and images. Naturally, photos taken with a smartphone or digital camera are accepted. You can also sell your own artwork as an NFT photo, and calligraphy works can also be sold as photos.

On the current Web, JPG photos can be copied and pasted as much as you like, but if you convert your own photos to NFT, you can leave evidence that you took the photos. If it is a good photo or image, we would like to exhibit it more and more.


Illustrations are the best-selling items on the NFT market. Illustrations composed of dots are especially popular because they go well with SNS icons.

Other popular items tend to be pictures of cute girls and anthropomorphic animal characters.


Videos can also be sold as NFT.

NFT became a hot topic when the NBA had NFT trading cards for sale when they were struggling to keep customers from entering the Corona Disaster, and NBA Top Shot also started selling videos of their super plays. Your own interesting videos and reels may also be sold.

Supported file formats are MP4 and WEBM. However, due to the large capacity of videos, the maximum data size is 100MB. Smaller capacities are recommended.

Many of the videos NFT sold are also 10 seconds in length and are sold in several videos. It is advisable to be mindful of the capacity while selling.


There is also a movement to make movies into NFTs.

The movie “ZERO CONTACT,” starring Anthony Hopkins, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2021, has begun bidding as an NFT film adaptation.

ZERO CONTACT” is a sci-fi thriller film about five people trying to disarm a program set up by Finley Hart, played by Anthony Hopkins, to destroy the world.

Bidding for tickets for the film also began on September 24 on the dedicated NFT marketplace Vuele, which offers several ticket options, including a “Platinum Ticket,” which allows you to appear in the film, and a “Golden Ticket,” which includes a bonus video.

NFTing a movie would create a buzz, and if those who purchase the tickets can also appear in the movie, they will become more scarce. Perhaps the future of movie distribution will be through NFT marketplaces.


Some artists have made a splash by turning their music into NFT.

International artists include Linkin Park, SNOOP DOGG, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and the Korean girl unit GFRIEND. If it is an artist you like, NFT also takes advantage of the fan psychology of wanting to purchase and monopolize the music.

In Japan, Tetsuya Komuro, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, SEAMO, and LOUDNESS have also converted their songs to NFT, but the most talked about artist is Ryuichi Sakamoto. Ryuichi Sakamoto’s most famous song is “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence,” and the 595 notes of its right-hand melody were digitally divided one by one and converted to NFT.

This is the only recording of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – 2021” made in 2021, performed by Ryuichi Sakamoto himself at Bunkamura Studio on July 30, 2021.

The noteworthy feature of this recording is that the NFT of 595 notes, which consists of 96 bars, is accompanied by a score image of the bar in which each note is located. We also held an auction for the rights NFT to obtain the direct sheet music of the 595 notes.

One of the features of music NFTs is that they can be sold by adding value beyond the sound source alone and tying them to a variety of products.


Not all tweets sell, but the very first tweet made to NFT sold for about $2.9 million ($366 million). The first tweet of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, USA, was made into an NFT.

The reason for the high price was the added value of the first tweet.

NFT sells standard dot paintings, but sometimes unexpected pieces such as tweets sell for more than expected. This is an example of how anything can become a work of art, depending on the idea.

In-game item land, etc

Items and land (LAND) from blockchain games can also be sold. Famously, LAND in “Sandbox” is traded at a high price because it is a limited land in the game.

Other than that, Crypto Spells uses blockchain technology and all cards are NFTed. Since the cards themselves have value, their asset value does not disappear when the game ends. Another convenience of NFTs is that when they are no longer needed, they can be sold to anyone who wants them in the game.

Steps to Sell Photos and Images

Let’s take a look at the steps to sell photos and images as an NFT. You can decide your own strategy and direction for what kind of photos you want to sell. Once you have established your vision, use the following methods to sell your products.

Choosing a Marketplace to List Your Work

The first step is to choose the marketplace that best suits your work. Although it depends on the type of photos you are selling, the best choice is to list your photos on OpenSea because it has the most users and is the most recognized as an NFT marketplace. This is because it has the largest number of users and is the most recognized NFT marketplace.

The most popular types of photos are those that are geometric or composed of multiple photos, rather than ordinary photos. Other works such as black-and-white photos from the 1990s and rare landscapes from around the world are also gaining in value and selling well.

If you feel that your work can be sold in such a market, you should decide on your target market and start exhibiting.


Summary of OpenSea usage OpenSea was founded in 2017 and quickly became the largest NFT marketplace in the world. […]

Prepare a wallet such as MetaMask and virtual currency.

In order to exhibit NFT works, you will need to pay for gas as an initial cost. Please prepare virtual currency for this purpose. First, open a virtual currency exchange in Japan and exchange Japanese yen into crypto assets.

We recommend Coincheck or bitFlyer. The virtual currency you need to prepare depends on the NFT market, but in principle, you will purchase ETH.

After you buy ETH, you can transfer the asset to MetaMask, which is a wallet on your PC or smartphone.

You must first transfer ETH to a MetaMask address.


Want to start NFT, but don't know how to set up MetaMask... We’ll start an explanation for it! For those who are int[…]

Uploading photos and images

Select “Create” from the OpenSea top page to upload the NFT you have created.

After connecting with MetaMask and moving to the “Create new item” page, enter your own work information.

Fill in the fields such as work name, external link, and trading currency, and click “Create” at the bottom to complete the creation of the NFT.

Next, click on “My Profile” from the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. When the list of NFTs you own is displayed, click on the NFT you wish to sell and select “Sell.

Select either “Set Price” (sell at a predetermined price) or “Highest Bid” (auction for a predetermined period of time).

Recommended marketplaces specializing in photos and images

Now that you understand the steps for selling photos and images, you are ready to start selling your photos and images. Now, we will explain which marketplaces are best for selling photos and images, and which marketplaces specialize in selling photos and images.


If you are selling NFTs anyway, you cannot miss OpenSea. The number of users using OpenSea is the largest in the world and the volume of transactions is the largest in the world. Therefore, you have a good chance to be seen and purchased by users from all over the world.

Once you set up your OpenSea account, you are free to list your items on OpenSea, and there is no need to be screened by OpenSea. You can create your own series and sell more and more items.


Summary of OpenSea usage OpenSea was founded in 2017 and quickly became the largest NFT marketplace in the world. […]


Rarible is an NFT market founded in early 2020 by Alex Salnikov and Alexei Falin. Art works are mainly handled.

Basically, it uses the ETH network, but it can also sell on the Tezzos, Flow, and Polygon networks.

Rarible also issues its own token, “RARI,” which is also available as a commission to those who trade with Rarible. Rarible used to distribute “RARI” for free, but now it can only be used by swapping (redeeming) on international exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Uniswap, so there is some initial hassle.

Rarible has a feature called “lazy minting”. This is a system that allows creators to charge buyers for gas when selling NFTs. The sales commission is set at 2.5%, which increases the profit margin when sold.

The market is also as extensive as OpenSea’s at Rarible. Photographs are also on display, with a wide variety of works specializing in contemporary art. If your style of art matches with the market, you may want to consider exhibiting your work at Rarible as well as its future potential.


Rarible is a marketplace where NFT content can be freely bought and sold, but at the same time NFTs can be created. […]

Coincheck NFT (beta version)

Coincheck NFT is a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck sells NFTs. It is more famous for selling trading cards used in a game called “Sand Box” and a soccer game called “SORARE” than for its artwork.

Payment can be made with crypto assets handled by Coincheck, and 15 brands can be used, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Risk, Nem, and ETH.

Other than that, trading cards of idols are also available for sale.

There is no listing fee, but works by individual artists cannot be listed. Currently, the service is only for buying and selling NFTs sold at Coincheck NFT.

If you are a business owner or a corporation, you can list your items for sale. Please contact CoincheckNFT from below.

Since this is an NFT marketplace managed by Coincheck, it is not yet easy for individuals to sell their NFTs. However, if business owners and corporations can list their products on CoincheckNFT, it has the potential to be very profitable, including the buzz.

It would be an interesting market to develop new markets.


Launched on March 24, 2021, Coincheck NFT (beta version) allows you to buy and sell NFTs using a wide variety of virtua[…]

Adam byGMO (Adam)

Adam byGMO is operated by an affiliate of GMO Coin, a Japanese crypto asset exchange, and is a Japanese NFT market.

It is currently an NFT market for the Japanese market, with participants including comedian Akihiro Nishino, manga artist Akiko Higashimura, and YouTuber Hikaru. If you want to sell photos and images to the Japanese market, this is an interesting market.

However, you need to apply to sell your photos and images. If you are considering listing your photos on the market, you will need to make an inquiry from the following link.

Looking at the photos for sale, you can find photogravure-like photos of celebrities, local commemorative flyers, and photos of Japan’s seasonal landscapes and wild birds for sale. Artists who specialize in landscape photography may want to consider exhibiting their work.

Be careful when selling photos and images

Although photos and images can be easily listed as NFTs, there are risks involved. It is not enough to sell everything. This is not the same as copying and pasting them into your computer and saving them.

This section explains the precautions to be taken in this area.

Be aware of copyright and ask permission when necessary.

One of the most important aspects of selling photos as NFTs is that it is easy to sell photos of famous cartoon characters or even celebrities. Because the blockchain technology allows anyone to create them, there is concern that many copyright infringement cases will arise in connection with the sale of NFTs.

If such infringement cases are challenged in court, they may be plagued with increased litigation costs and uncertainty as to what the verdict will be because it is a “new” issue.

It is always better to sell your own photos on the assumption that you have taken them yourself. Even if you took the photos yourself, it is best that they do not show anything in the background that would infringe on your copyright.

For example, you should not sell photos taken at Disneyland.

If you, as a photographer, take pictures of gravure idols or other people and sell them NFT, you need to obtain their permission. The person who was photographed will not feel good if you sell their photos for profit without their permission.

It is advisable that you only exhibit photos that you have taken yourself and that are original in nature.

Make sure photo and image extensions and sizes are OK

When listing photos and images, you should also pay attention to the file extension and size. Many services set the maximum file size for photos and images at around 40-50 MB for JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Please do not modify the file size too much.

Sending your work abroad

Simply exhibiting NFT works that you have photographed yourself will not sell your works. You need to decide which target audience you want to sell your work to.

Works for the Japanese market are fine, but since NFT is a global market, they should be sent out to overseas. If you can sell to wealthy people overseas and have them become your fans, your earnings will likely increase.

Twitter is the best way to send your message overseas.

Tweet in English-only and send your message to users overseas. You should use hashtags to get your message across to people overseas and to get hits in searches.

If you cannot speak English, use Google Translate or DeepL, which is also a translation site, to announce your items for sale.

Summary of how to sell photos and images

Here is a summary of how to sell photos and images as NFTs.

  • To sell photos as NFT, you need virtual currency. You also need to download MetaMask, which is a wallet.
  • You will need to decide on a marketplace where your NFT photos are most likely to sell. For contemporary art and geometric photos, OpenSea and Rarible are good choices. For landscapes and photogravures, we recommend Adam byGMO, which is a marketplace for domestic users.
  • When selling photos as NFT, make sure they do not infringe on copyrights. The sales target should be overseas.

Although there is an image that NFT photos are being pushed aside by the illustration sector, there is a possibility that artistic works can be sold.

The NFT market has just begun, and trends may change in the future. Works that are interesting or rare tend to sell well, so keep submitting your photographic works.