How to Use SuperRare and Register! What is the expected Vetting Market?

Want to make a profit from your NFT investments?

The first question that such a person may have is “Which marketplace should I use?” Currently, NFT content is exchanged on many platforms, and it is difficult to understand their characteristics.

One marketplace that is currently starting to gain popularity is SuperRare.

SuperRare is an NFT marketplace released in 2018 and the currency available is Ethereum. It is gaining attention for the high quality pieces it handles.

This article will provide a thorough explanation of SuperRare, from how to register to how to use it, with images.

If you are interested in selling your own NFT art on SuperRare or purchasing for investment purposes, please check it out.

What is SuperRare?

SuperRare is an NFT marketplace with three main features

  1. High quality NFT works
  2. Profits are returned to creators even during secondary distribution
  3. Governance token “RARE

We will explain each of them.

1. High-quality NFT works

There are various types of NFT, including art, music, and land, but SuperRare specializes in “art” works.

There is a strict screening process for creators who wish to exhibit NFT, and only the best creators who have passed the screening process are allowed to exhibit. As a result, many high quality NFT works are listed.

2. Profits are returned to creators even during secondary distribution

One of the features of NFT art is that 10% of the profit is returned to the creator as royalties even when the work is distributed secondarily. It is, so to speak, unearned income.

At SuperRare, royalties can be set up with simple settings at the time of sale, and this is the secret behind its popularity among creators.

3. Governance token “RARE

SuperRare has its own governor token called “RARE”.

RARE” is a virtual currency that has attracted attention since it was announced in August 2021 and listed on Binance in October of the same year.

How to register and get started with SuperRare?

Let us explain how to register and get started with SuperRare.

The procedure is very simple and is as follows

  • Access the official SuperRare website
  • Connect your wallet
  • Register your account information

We will explain each of these steps.

1. Access the official SuperRare website

First, access the official website.

On the top page, click “Sign in” in the upper right corner.

2. Connect your wallet

The screen will look like the one below, so connect your wallet.

Click “SELECT A WALLET” in the center.

We will be using “MetaMask” this time.

If you have not yet registered MetaMask, please refer to “MetaMask Usage Manual! If you have not yet registered MetaMask, please refer to “How to Register MetaMask!

Click on “MetaMask” on the screen below to launch the wallet and connect it.

You will then see an error screen and click “Would you like to sign up instead?”.

3. Register an account

When the account registration screen appears, enter “username” and “email” and click “SIGN UP”.

Click “Sign” on the pop-up that appears in the upper right corner.

This completes the SuperRare registration.

Please confirm your success when you see the human icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to use SuperRare with images

Now that you have finished registering, let’s actually use SuperRare.

Here, we will explain how to use it in the following steps.

  1. How to find NFTs
  2. How to buy NFTs
  3. How to list an NFT

1. How to find NFTs

There are three ways to find NFTs

  • Using the search function
  • Use the filter function
  • Using the sort function

Another feature of SuperRare is that you can search intuitively.

Using the Search Function

If you want to search for a specific work or artist, use the search function.

Click on “Market”.

Click on “Search” in the upper right corner of the Market page.

Enter the name of a work or artist in the search window, and the corresponding works will be displayed, so check them one by one.

Using the Filter Function

The filter function allows you to narrow down your search to artworks that match certain criteria.

Click on “Artwork” under the title on the Market page.

You can select “11 different conditions,” “price range,” and “file type.”

For example, you can narrow down your search using the following criteria.

List priceWorks available for purchase at a set price
Owned by creatorWorks available for purchase directly from the artist as primary distribution
Live auctionAuctioned works

Use the filter function well to find your favorite works.

Using the Sort Function

The sort function allows you to sort works by specific criteria.

For example, you can sort by price (high/low), auction due date, and so on.

To do this, simply go to “Recently Active” and click on a specific condition.

Sort the works by selecting criteria from the tabs.

2. How to buy NFT

There are three ways to buy NFT on SuperRare.

  1. Make a successful bid in auction format
  2. Buy at the selling price
  3. Make an offer for the purchase price

Each procedure is explained below.

1. Bidding in Auction Format

First, click on the NFTs lined up in the market.

For NFTs sold in auction format, click on the “PLACE A BID” item.

Enter the bid amount in “Place your bit” and click “SUBMIT BID.”

Metamask will be activated, so check the contents and sign it.

If you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you will win the auction.

2. Buy at the selling price

Click on the “BUY NOW” sign for NFTs that are available at the selling price.

Click on “CONFIRM.”

Metamask will be activated, so check the contents and sign it.

This is all you need to do to complete the purchase.

3. Offer the purchase price and buy

You can also purchase NFTs if you offer a purchase price and the seller approves.

Click on the “MAKE AN OFFER” button.

Enter the amount you wish to offer in “Your Offer” and click “SUBMIT OFFER”.

Metamask will be activated, so check the contents and sign it.

If the seller approves, your purchase is complete.

3. Exhibit Method

You must pass a screening process before you can list your work on SuperRare

To exhibit your NFT on SuperRare, you must pass a rigorous screening process.

The review process requires the following

  • Artist’s website
  • A one-minute video introducing the work
  • The story behind the work and why it is needed for SuperRare, etc.

The video introducing the work is particularly difficult, and this is one area where creators who are not familiar with video creation may have difficulty. Beginners may find it difficult to pass the screening at first, but there is no limit to the number of times you can pass the screening, so you should try again and again.

How to Apply

First, access the SuperRare application form.

The fields marked with a red asterisk (*) must be entered. Be sure to enter the following three items.

Display ItemDescription
Your artist website / portfolioYour portfolio website
EmailEmail address

The following information is not required, but it is recommended to be filled out as it will lead to credibility with users and is a plus for screening.

Display ItemContent
Additional websites/social linksOther websites/SNS

All of the following information is required.

This is your chance to showcase your work, so be sure to convey your thoughts and feelings about your work.

Display Item Content
Application videoLink to our portfolio
What is the story behind these pieces?~Thoughts on the work
Check here to confirm that none of your submitted works~No copyright infringement or unauthorized use
How did you hear about SuperRare?How did you learn about SuperRare?

Click “Submit” when you have completed the form.

Your application to SuperRare is now complete.

6 Tips for Passing the Screening Process

In addition, here are six tips for passing the screening process, as stated by the officials.

  1. Be original and unique
  2. Have the ability to disseminate on social networking sites regarding NFT works
  3. Have an original and consistent style
  4. Have scarcity
  5. Learn about the SuperRare community
  6. Undergo multiple rounds of judging.

If you have difficulty passing the judging, improve the quality of your work and increase the influence of your work on your own social networking sites.

Please refer to the following article that explains how to create NFT art.

Cautions about SuperRare

Finally, let me tell you two things to keep in mind about SuperRare.

1. Usage fees apply

When you buy or sell NFTs on SuperRare, you will be charged a commission for each.

  • When purchasing NFTs: 3%.
  • On primary sale of NFT: 15%.

Please note that the higher the price of the work, the more fees you will have to bear.

2. High difficulty in passing the screening process

As mentioned above, you need to pass a rigorous screening process in order to submit your NFT to SuperRare.

In order to pass the screening, it is recommended that you create an NFT with a lot of originality and increase awareness of your work through social networking activities.

However, the level of difficulty is still high, so beginners should also proceed with OpenSea and other marketplaces that do not require screening in parallel.

Official SuperRare Information

SuperRare is sending out information on the following SNS.

【Official information】

Official HP






SuperRare is famous for its high quality NFTs.

Although there is a strict screening process, if you pass it, you can increase your market value as a creator. Creators who want to compete with their own work should definitely aim to exhibit at SuperRare.