【Newbie Recommendation】What is Verrillon CNP (VLCNP)? Features, how to buy, and even how to apply for a white list.

Have you heard about CryptoNinja Partners (CNP), the first NFT project in Japan that is rapidly gaining popularity?

It is now a hard to get NFT collection because of the price spike.

CNP is too expensive to buy, but I want to buy NFT… For those people, we recommend Verrillon CNP (VLCNP).

This project is a collaboration between the very popular CNP and VeryLongAnimals, and at 0.001 ETH, it is an attractive price that even beginners can easily purchase.

We will explain the features of VLCNP and how to apply for priority purchase rights (whitelist).

What is VeryLongCNP (VLCNP)?

VLCNP is a secondary project that is a collaboration between CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) and VeryLongAnimals (VLA).

Officially, it is Very Long CryptoNinja Partners.

The CNP is vertically elongated and the form is distinctive and quite lovely.

What is CNP?

It is a 22,222-piece NFT collection marketed by influencer Ikehaya.

It was so popular that it sold out in just one hour after it was launched in May 2022, and was 0.001 ETH when it was launched, but is now trading at 0.7 ETH, a price that has soared by about 300 times.

What is VeryLong?

Officially, it is VeryLong Animals (VLA).

It is an NFT project created by entrepreneur He on February 25, 2022, and its production team includes DAO and SoudanNFT, which operates the NFT collection LAG.

The NFT is characterized by its long vertical design and has many enthusiastic fans.

The first launch sold out within just 12 hours.

The second and third editions have been released one after another, but they all sold out immediately, showing how popular they are.

It has been in the top 10 NFTs in Japan in the 5th day of its release.

The VLCNP is the combination of these very popular NFT projects and is attracting a lot of attention.

The following is what has been announced about VLCNP

  • Release date: Late July 2022
  • Mint price: 0.001 ETH (approximately 146 yen) *as of June 23
  • Number of units sold: 11,111
  • Marketplace: OpenSea
  • WL (White List): Yes

Attractiveness of Verilon CNP (VLCNP)

Now that we have explained why VLCNPs are attracting attention, what are the benefits of purchasing one? We will explain about the following.

Easy price for beginners to purchase

0.001 ETH (about 146 yen) *as of June 23

The low price is likely to sell out quickly.

Purchase Privileges

There are many benefits for owning CNP-related works, such as access to the Generati section of the exclusive channel and the opportunity to win priority purchase tickets for the CNP collection.

They are planning more projects in the future, so there is an element of long-lasting enjoyment, and they plan to offer games that can be played on VLCNP in the future.

Prices may skyrocket

Since this is a collaboration with the popular NFT project, prices may soar.

Profit can be expected by purchasing at a low price in the primary distribution and selling in the secondary distribution.

How to Purchase Verilon CNP (VLCNP)

VLCNP can be purchased in two ways: primary distribution and secondary distribution.

Primary distribution

If you want to be sure of your purchase, you must receive a white list (priority purchase ticket).

The white list is a list of people who have registered to participate in the presale, and if you meet the requirements, you will receive the right to purchase for sure.

The white list participants are listed in the following tweets.

You must purchase any of the eligible NFTs to receive the rights.

The best choice is LAG (LoveAddictedGirls).

It can be purchased from the 20,000 yen range, making it easy for beginners to try it.

Love Addicted Girls with BIGLOVE, or LAG, is an NFT project created by the SoudanNFT community.

The main designer of LAG, kuramin, is also the designer of VLCNP.

LAG sales are trending well due to the VLCNP, as LAG holders are able to get whitelistings.

We recommend this NFT because the LAG also has many attractive benefits and the characters are very cute with attractive girls.

To obtain a white list, you need to apply for it once you get your holder.

The deadline for application is Friday, July 8, so you should apply as soon as possible.

The application procedure is explained in detail here.

【VLCNP】How to apply for the white list

Secondary Distribution

Secondary distribution will take place at OpenSea.

Details should be announced after the primary distribution, so be prepared for the secondary distribution.

You can read more about how to purchase on OpenSea in this article.


OpenSea is the world's leading NFT marketplace; many NFT pieces exist on OpenSea and can be purchased using Ethereum an[…]

There is still time until late July, but it is a good idea to get your preparations done as soon as possible.

Check back often for updates on Beliron CNP (VLCNP).

There is still time before the launch date, so new information may be added from time to time.

Be sure to gather information on a daily basis.

The online community NinjaDA has over 30,000 registered users, so it is easy to get new information. Users can also consult with each other and ask questions.

There is a risk of account hijacking on Discord, so if you are new to the site, make sure your settings are correct.

You can also check Twitter to get new information about VLCNP.

Official Twitter of VLCNP

NinjaDAO’s Ikehaya


  • VLCNP is a secondary project that is a collaboration between CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) and VeryLongAnimals (VLA).
  • The price is 0.001 ETH, which is easy for beginners to purchase, and profit is expected if you can get it.
  • Whitelist is required to purchase in primary distribution.
  • To get whitelist, you need to apply for it by July 8 (Fri.).

This is an NFT project with many benefits and enjoyable elements, so please try to get it.