How to register KnownOrigin and use it is explained with images.

Known Origin focuses on the ease of use of its platform, making it an easy NFT trading platform for beginners to get started.


  • Is the screening process still being done?
  • What are the necessary procedures for registration?
  • How do I purchase NFTs?

There must be many things you don’t know.

Therefore, this article will thoroughly explain how to get started and how to use Known Origin.

If you have trouble standing out on major platforms such as OpenSea, Known Origin may give you more opportunities to be active.

What is KnownOrigin?

Known Origin is an NFT marketplace founded in 2018 and based in the United States. Although Known Origin is such a platform, it differs from its main ones, OppenSea, in some ways, and many creators use it differently.

  1. Operated by a major cryptocurrency exchange
  2. NFT listings require a review process
  3. No transaction fees

The following is an explanation of Known Origin with these features.

1. Operated by a major cryptocurrency exchange

Known Origin is an NFT marketplace handled by Gemini (operated by the Winklevoss brothers), a major cryptocurrency exchange.

There are many marketplaces in the market today, and ensuring their quality has become an issue. Especially on a system where cryptocurrencies are transferred with just a few clicks, you need to be prepared for fraudulent sites and risk of leakage.

The major exchanges have already built a certain degree of safety and security in cryptocurrency trading. Compared to other marketplaces, they are more secure.

2. NFT Listings Require Review

Known Origin charges creators a 15% service fee, but there is no transaction fee.

However, there is no transaction fee for the transaction itself.

3. No transaction fees.

Finally, Known Origin requires a screening process for NFT submissions.

As of April 2022, there are still only 9,000 artists and 47,000 works on the platform.

However, KnownOrigin has already closed more than $10 million in transactions. The secret is probably the high quality and therefore the high unit price. The market continues to expand, and the NFT market is expected to grow in the future.

How to register and get started with KnownOrigin

This section explains how to register and get started with KnownOrigin.

First, visit the Known Origin website.

Please note that scam information has been released from the official website, and there seems to be some damage that leads to a fake website with the same name.

Please access the official URL here or the URL of the official SNS site.

After accessing the top page, click “Connect wallet” in the upper right corner.

Clicking on the button will take you to a screen for selecting a wallet and confirming the Terms of Use.

Check the box above to select a wallet.

In this case, we will select “MetaMask”, the most major one.

Click “Next” to proceed to the wallet authentication screen.

Click “Connect” when asked to connect the wallet.

This completes the connection between MetaMask and Known Origin.

How to use KnownOrigin

So how do we use KnownOrigin?

The following is an explanation of each method of use.

①How to purchase a work at Known Origin

First, go to the market by selecting “Maeket Place” in the upper right corner of the official site.

Various works are listed.

You can change the “order of works” by clicking on the drop-down in the upper right corner.

Display NameContent
RelevanceRelated / Recommended
Lowest priceLowest price
Highest Price Highest price

You can also use the search window in the upper left corner to find a specified work.

Unlike other platforms, the search window here displays the relevant items at the moment in real time without having to press Enter in the search.

You can also use the narrow search on the left to find the right work for you.

Select the criteria you are looking for to narrow down your search. When you perform a narrowed search, the selected criteria will be displayed in “blue text” as shown in the image.

Then, we will explain how to find and purchase your favorite products through a narrowed-down search or search window.

Normal Purchase Method

Let’s proceed this time assuming that you want to purchase “INNER PEACE” on the left side of the upper row.

First, click on the work you wish to purchase.

You will see a screen with the details of the work.

  • Buy with ETH
  • Buy with card

Select either “Buy with ETH” or “Buy with card”.

The credit cards that can be used for Crypto assets are limited, so “Buy with ETH” is selected.

Once selected, you will see a “Buy now” sign, click on it, and sign the meta mask to complete the purchase.

For credit card payment, a screen like the one below will be displayed.

You need to register your information only for the first time.

Click “Continue” and enter your credit card information.

Purchase by Offer

Known Origin allows you to indicate your purchase intent with an offer.

First, click on the NFT work you wish to purchase.

On the next screen, click on “Price a bid”.

The price you offer will be notified to the other party, and you can look forward to seeing if they accept.

Participating in the Auction

The last step is to participate in an auction.

After narrowing down your search by clicking “Reserve auction” in the aperture search on the left, click on the piece you are interested in.

Click on “Place a bid” on the right.

On the screen below, enter the amount in the “Enter your bid” field.

You will be asked to enter a price of at least 0.001 ETH.

Finally, click “Submit a bid” to complete your bid.

Let’s wait and see if we can win the bid.

② Exhibiting your artwork

Next, let’s take a look at how to submit your artwork.

Before exhibiting your work, you will need to “set up your profile”.

Profile Settings

Move the cursor over “Profile” in the upper right corner and click “View Profile” when the item appears below.

When the screen below appears, first change “my icon” and the “header screen” behind it.

Let’s click on “Update cover image” below the icon on the left and “update cover image” at the top of the screen.

Click on “Click to upload” and select your icon.

Or you can also upload by dropping your icon in the middle “Drop your cover image here or click to upload”.

When the photo of your icon is in the middle, click “Save” to complete the process.

Next, set up the profile screen. Click “edit Profile” under the icon.

If you have added an icon image and a header image, please make sure that they are the images you have added.

After confirming, move on to the profile settings.

Display NameContent
UsernameName or nickname
EmailEmail Address

Since Known Origin has an overwhelming number of international users, Bio should write the introduction in English as much as possible.

If you must write in Japanese, please use the Japanese text below the English introduction, as shown in the image below.

The next step is to set up your website and SNS.

If you have a website, fill in your blog or the official website of your work.

Twitter and Instagram are not required, but they are more credible if they are mentioned.

If you do not have a physical store, just write “Japan” or something similar.

For Country of residence, select Japan.

If you have completed the above steps, click “Edit Profile” to complete the process.

Application for creator information

In order to exhibit your work, you must be registered as a creator.

You can apply from the creator application form page here.

However, the following screen appears when you access the form.

Unfortunately, as of April 26, 2022, we were not looking for additional creators.

More announcements will be made on the official Twitter and official Discord, so keep checking back.

What to Expect When Using KnownOrigin

As mentioned earlier, Known Origin aims to be an NFT platform that is easy for everyone to use. As such, the platform is designed to be beginner-friendly and easy for anyone to enter.

On the other hand, there are some precautions to be taken, which we will explain.

NFT prices are high on average

When looking at the lowest NFT prices, the cheapest content currently available is 0.004 ETH (about 1,300 JPY).

On OnpenSea, the world’s largest NFT market, prices start at a few hundred yen, but on Known Origin, prices tend to be higher on average.

Nevertheless, all works on Known Origin have passed the screening process, and the sellers attach a reasonable value to them. The higher the quality, the higher the resale price, so you need to make an accurate judgment as to whether or not you can afford the expense.

Hurdles for creators who want to exhibit

As mentioned earlier, Known Origin requires a screening process for NFT listings. Therefore, not just anyone can list an NFT on Known Origin. It is a high hurdle to be able to sell immediately.

However, if you are successful, you will become a notable creator and may be able to sell your work at a high price. If you are serious about NFT, you should definitely consider participating after the application process is reopened.

Known Origin is a valuable platform for both creators and the investment side

In this article, we summarize how to register with Known Origin, how to purchase NFTs, set up a profile, and apply as a creator.

Although the number of works is small, the NFT market is expected to attract more attention in the future due to its unique system of quality assurance.

Be sure to gather the latest information and participate when the opportunity arises.